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Our Services

Ancares is a company that specialises purely in precooked rustic bread . As a result of this we have the largest range of rustic bread in the market.: from 35gr pieces to half a kilo formats. In addition, given that we use a semi traditional process we are able to bake products with an airy-textured dough and a high level of moisture.

Our priority is our customer´s satisfaction, that is why we are able to offer our extensive catalogue as well as bake products in accordance with our customer´s needs.

In order to be able to offer a good quality-price ratio, we generally offer the product by the truck load, although we can also deliver half truck loads or even in groups of 5 pallets. Of course, the cost varies in each case.

Lastly, having more than three generations of experience in the making of high quality rustic bread, we are able to offer advise worldwide on this product and its handling at the point of sale: Ingredients, freezing times, baking times and temperatures, etc. Everything to ensure the product reaches the customer in the best condition possible.

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